Hello and welcome to my website.

The purpose of this site is to showcase my creative work without the pressure of commercial influence. The imagery posted on this site will give you an insight into the range of work I have undertaken and the direction my work has flowed throughout the years.

Virtually all creative disciplines interest me; from painting to writing, design to photography. Unfortunately the days are not long enough to explore each discipline thoroughly, though I have dipped my toes into most. My influences come from everywhere; nature, paintings, friends and family, music, literature, travel and so on.

What interests me most about creativity is the personal expression; one persons' interpretation of the world can inspire someone while disgusting the next and comforting another. I have a huge appreciation for technical skill but it is expression that interests me the most; the bravado of Paul Gauguin, the playfulness of Hort, the intimacy of Nick Drake, the brashness of David LaChapelle and the simplicity of Ken Done

I feel this expression allows the viewer an insight into the life of an artist and involves them with the thought process. I would like to use this site as an insight into my own creative process and a showcase for the work that has resulted.

I hope you enjoy the work,